Wilson WRS330750 Rush Pro 4.0 Clay Womens

€129,00 €150,00
The Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 All Court tennis shoe improves its design and performance in this new edition.
The upper has been reworked entirely in Sensifeel 2.0 mesh which will provide better breathability, comfort and support and the presence of the Endofit sock will also improve the comfort of this shoe.
Another new feature is the 4D Support chassis that will limit the torsion of the foot during your movements to give you greater stability on all your moves.
The cushioning and dynamism are not left out thanks to the R-DST and Energy Surge technologies, which will protect your foot against the shocks due to the impacts with the ground and redistribute the energy to allow you to start again more quickly.
Finally, the durability of this model will be excellent thanks to the Duralast technology that will reinforce the outsole, but also thanks to the reinforcements present at the level of the toes and on the internal part.

Technical features:

- DF2: Drop of 9mm for a foot closer to the ground and a more dynamic position (difference in height between the heel and the forefoot)
- Endofit: footbed offering a great comfort and an intuitive adaptation to the morphology of the foot
- Duralast: All-terrain outsole for high durability and excellent traction potential
- R-DST+: Optimized cushioning and a more dynamic outsole for better energy return
- Comfortable Ortholite foam outsole
- Sensifeel 2.0: Mesh upper that will improve breathability, support and comfort
- 4D Support Chassis: Asymmetrical chassis from heel to toe to limit foot torsion on your pivot movements
- Energy Surge: Lightweight EVA foam midsole in the forefoot for optimal body weight transfer at impact for more explosive acceleration
- Medial Drag Pad: TPU midsole reinforcement that improves durability and protects against wear and tear during lateral and forward movement.