Wilson WRS326580 Rush Pro 2.5 Omni Clay Womens

€119,00 €140,00
This very light and resistant model is designed for offensive players who are looking for high quality shoes.

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 benefits from a more resistant vamp in terms of durability. There is no risk with the stitching because this material is thermoglued and reinforced in strategic areas of the shoe.

The omni sole has been redesigned to adapt to all artificial grass/clay surfaces. The inner part of the sole offers excellent grip and strong resistance, while the outer part of the sole brings more stability.

The Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 insures competition quality shoes because they are developed to provide maximum acceleration and controlled deceleration in order to allow you to reach every corner of the court as quickly as possible. This shoe offers increased stability and comfort and this will optimize your split-steps and changes of direction.