Wilson WR145511 Shift 99L V1 - 285g Unstrung

The Wilson Shift 99L tennis racket unveils its revolutionary spin! This new spin will allow you to dominate each and every stroke, maintaining maximum control while taking full advantage of the power offered by the Shift. The result? A perfect model for controlled power and maximum spin. In terms of design, you'll find a pearly white base whose color changes to sky blue and pastel pink depending on the light.

Benefits for the player: Versatility - spin - maneuverability

The Wilson Shift 99L racquet will not leave you indifferent thanks to the exceptional feeling it offers. It features the latest innovation from Wilson laboratories: Arc 3D. This technology allows the frame to move laterally to optimize spin while remaining torsionally rigid for greater power.
The 639 cm² headsize gives you more control than with a 645 cm² headsize, without losing too much power for a very versatile game.
The weight of 285 g, combined with a 32 cm balance, makes it accessible to intermediate and young players thanks to its maneuverability.
The 16x20 string pattern promotes spin. The 20th string on the traverses also enhances the control offered by this racquet.

A versatile model with great spin, but still plenty to discover!

Type of player :
Intermediate level players looking for a versatile racquet with great spin and plenty of maneuverability.

Technologies :
- 3D Arc: Technology developed by Wilson that allows the racket to be laterally flexible to promote spin, while remaining torsionally rigid for maximum power.
- Agiplast grommets: Grommets made by Agiplast from a recycled and recyclable plastic polymer.

Weight unstrung 10.1 oz / 285 g
Composition Graphite
Head Size 99.05 in² / 639 cm²
Length 27.01 in / 68.6 cm
Balance unstrung 12.6 in / 32 cm
String Pattern 16x20