Wilson WR126111 Pro Staff Six.One 95 18x20 V14 Unstrung


Introducing another model in Wilson's all-new Pro Labs collection, the Pro Staff Six.One 95 is designed for professional-level athletes who hit with utmost accuracy and desire more precision.

This franchise has been around for nearly 40 years, and this v14 racket portrays the classic Pro Staff model with its heavier frame and head-light balance. Players can expect to hit top-level precision and control thanks to the closed string pattern and smaller head size. The sleek, glossy finish further adds to its elegance and class, allowing players to both play and look sharp on the court.

95 square inch head size
18x10 string pattern
333 grams weight (unstrung)

Braid 45 Construction: Unique construction that arranges double-braided fibers at 45-degree angles that provide incredible stability and an elevated pocketing feel.

String Mapping: A denser string bed provides elevated feel and outstanding precision.

Ergonomic End Cap: Improved comfort and playability thanks to the Ergonomic End Cap.

Paradigm Bending: Unique, carbon fiber construction optimizes the hoop and shaft's bending profile for elevated flexibility without losing any of the power needed for the modern swing.

Design: Combines the classic, elegant persona of the Pro Staff franchise with modern innovation