Wilson WR080110 Pro Staff Precision 100 (305g)

The tennis racket Wilson Pro Staff 100 Precision is ideal for occasional players who need precision in each of their shots.

This model has some of the most important technologies that Wilson has given in recent years using BLX technology in its construction, which consists of the introduction of Basalt Fibers in the structure of the rackets and whose mission is to filter the vibrations that occur when hitting, providing the player with better sensations.

In the frame we find another technology that has been in Wilson tennis rackets for years, which is the Perimeter Weighting System which consists of a widening at 3 and 9 of the frame that provides extra torsional stability and balance.

A power and oriented control of this Pro Staff Precision 100 that guarantees players a high level of satisfaction.

Take the final step with this racket and continue to grow as a tennis player.