Wilson WR074311 Clash 100L V2.0 UNSTRUNG 280g

Clash Lite is the lightest racket in the Clash series and is something out of the ordinary. The racket has high torsional rigidity while the racket's flexibility is really good. Clash gives you a nice ball hit, regardless of whether you are going to hit a hard blow or need to hit a sensitive stop ball. A flexible racket offers many advantages, both in terms of game feel, more speed and a gentler racket against arms and shoulders.

We recommend this racket for ladies and young people and it is suitable regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Wilson's years of technological development have yielded the following unique technologies, namely Free Flex and Stable Smart. We recommend both beginners and competition players this racket because it has a good combination of speed and control.

Proprietary carbon mapping allows FreeFlex to bend the frame in completely new dimensions for maximum ball contact and ultimate control

StableSmart creates a unique frame geometry for the most flexible frame in tennis, which provides stable stability and power in the best class

Parallel drilling provides a consistent and more forgiving string bed response

Uncontaminated design features clean lines, bold color accents and elastic finishes of current Wilson performance racket design DNA

Delivered unstringed but available as an option - make your choice above.

Weight: 280 g

Balance: 31.5

Stringing pattern: 16/19

Meeting space: 100 sq.in