Wilson WR033611 Ultra 100 V3.0 - 300g

Advantages : Power – Stability – Comfort

This Wilson Ultra 100 V3.0 racket is equipped with 300g of weight and a balance of 32cm. This version of the Ultra racket will bring you more power than ever before.

The 645cm² head size enlarges the sweet spot compared to the previous model as it possesses the Sweet Spot Channel technology. This feature increases the length of the crosses to put forth a more forgiving racket. Meanwhile, the head size is very versatile and it will also ensure additional control.

The 16×19 string pattern will enable you to easily access spin and generate extra rotation on your shots. Be ready to push your opponents back with powerful spin shots!

The Power Profile feature allows this racket to gain one millimetre of beam width at the core and racket head areas (24-26-23 instead of 23-26-22mm). This will contribute more power and stability to your shots.

Type of Player:

intermediate and advanced level players who have an aggressive game style and are looking for power and stability

Technologies :

– Sweet Spot Channel : the frame is hallowed out at the 3 and 9 o’clock areas to enlarge the sweet spot
– Power Rib : throat geometry has been modified to stiffen the frame and enhance stability and power
– Power Profile : enlarged frame at the throat and the head of the racket to provide more power and stability
– Integrated PWS : more volume on each side of the frame to offer more stability without losing tolerance