Wilson Pro Staff 97UL V13.0 - 270g

If you’re looking for a comfortable, lightweight and precise racket, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 UL is the model for you. The lightest racket in the Pro Staff lineup, this model is designed for the young technically advanced player looking to improve their game.

Weighing in at just 270 grams with a 32.5 cm balance, the Pro Staff 97 UL will allow future owners of this iconic racket to be consistent and control their shots to find precise areas of the court.
In addition, its 626 cm² head and thin frame made of graphite will enhance control.
Finally, you’ll benefit from a gain in spin thanks to the relatively open 16×19 string pattern.

A racket that will provide manoeuvrability and control but still require the ability to advance with every strike to find the right length of shot.

Player Types :
– Young, technically advanced, looking for precision and spin ability – maybe elite juniors moving into full-size.

Technologies :
– Braided Graphite: The frame construction in Kevlar and graphite limits vibrations and enhances playing comfort and ball control.
– Braid 45: a 45-degree arrangement of kevlar fibers designed to make them breathe in order to improve stability and feel at play
– String Mapping: increasing string density to improve accuracy and feel.
– Ergo End Cap: Grip end voluntarily enlarged for better ergonomics