Wilson Pro Staff 25 V13.0 - 250g

Colour: Black
Size: 25

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Wilson Junior Pro Staff 25 V113

The replica of Roger Federer’s racket was design is collaboration with the legendary Swiss player. Its elegant design highlight the perfection of his game and his extraordinary performances. The shining black of the frame highlight the ability of the Pro Staff to attack the ball. The black rougher layer highlights the ability to enter long rallies.

The Pro Staff 25, made with Kevlar and graphite, offers exceptional game comfort to young players aged between 8 and 10.
The 645cm² head is both tolerant and powerful, for players to find a nice ball length.
The square and thin profile will bring the necessary precision and control.
The balanced 256g of this Pro Staff will help you deliver powerful shots with great stability, to follow young players during their tennis sessions.
The 16×18 string pattern will give a nice grip for better spin.