Wilson Burn 100LS V4.0 - 280g

The Wilson Burn 100LS V4.0 Tennis Racquet with careful and elaborate redesign using the symbolic colors of the range with a touch of gray at 3 and 9 o'clock that will bring modernity to a racquet with character.

A symbol of perseverance, the Wilson BurnLS racquet is designed for the ambitious player with a will to win.
Weighing in at 280g with a neutral balance of 32.5cm, the Wilson Burn 100LS is ideal for beginner to intermediate level players looking for a lightweight and manoeuvrable racquet.
The 645cm² headsize makes this a versatile racquet that offers the perfect blend of power and control.
The 18x16 string pattern with Spin Effect technology allows for a stronger and safer hitting pattern. Strings will move more on impact but will also return to their initial position more quickly. The result? A ball that hits the ground faster and bounces higher.
Type of player :
- Intermediate players looking for maximum spin and power.
Technologies :
- Parallel Drilling: String placement optimizes spin and tolerance to help center the ball.
- Spin Effect: Reverse string pattern that will improve spin for explosive bounces.