Volkl V10542 V Cell V1 MP (285g) Unstrung

The Volkl V-Cell V1 MP Tennis Racquet is a user friendly frame for players looking for a racquet with all-around performance characteristics. With this update, V-Cell material is embedded throughout the entire head and shaft, for improved feel and playability. V-Cell is a revolutionary, highly durable material, which is stronger and fatigues less than standard graphite. The technology works in tandem with VTex, a silicone polymer butt cap, to help prevent vibration going into the arm. This V1 MP plays a bit more comfortably than the previous generation, but the sweet spot still produces explosive power and spin. The MP has a 102 square inch head for greater forgiveness than the usual 98-100 head size. This model has a grippy 16x19 string pattern, and unique 25-22-28 mm cross section which increases the racquet`s stability on any swing speed. The sub 11 ounce strung weight means the V1 MP can work for players who need a lighter frame with strong mobility. With this update from Volkl, the V1 MP provides a stable and spin friendly response at lower weight for baseline bashers.