Victor Thruster Ryuga Unstrung

A new addition to the THRUSTER family, the RYUGA is equipped with the latest HME (High Modulus Extreme) material, delivering unbelievable power. Additionally, it is the very first WES (Wipping Enhance System) has been integrated into any Thruster racket. This helps players generate sharper attacking angles as well as exceptional responsiveness.

The racket is filled with innovative Victor technology, including the Power Box frame profile, which can withstand higher string tensions and reduces torque while increasing stability of the racket face. The SevenSix string pattern has no shared grommets, reducing friction between strings, maintaining stringbed tension and extending string life.

Pyrofil carbon fibre improves shock absorption and enhances control, while Hard Cored Technology in the head improves handling feel and performance.

WES (Whipping Enhancement System) incorporates a softer material in the racket shaft near the throat, giving greater racket head acceleration for steeper, quicker attacking shots with fantastic control.