Victor SH-A930 Mens Badminton Shoe


The SH-A930 is going to be a star on the court with its amazing resilience, stability, style and functions. 

Used by Wang Tzu Wei and Lai Pei Jing 


CARBON POWER – The three-dimensional carbon fibre sheet provides midsole stability and decreases torsional strain on the foot’s arch.

VS R ANTI-SLIP – With this upgraded outsole rubber, slip resistant performance increase on dry PU floor.

BREATHING – A unique breathing mesh layer on the side of the shoe is used to increase ventilation creating a more comfortable environment for the feet.

JACQUARD – The three-layered structure enables the Jacquard EM to deliver flexible durability, perfect fit, and incredible breathability. The upper layer is soft and low stretchable MONO mesh; the bottom layer is soft, light, and breathable mesh. The upper and bottom layers are joined perfectly by the PUR gluing technique on the middle layer to achieve great softness and breathability.

V-TOUGH – The inner surface of the top is made of super wear-resistant material which greatly improves the durability and resilience of the shoe.

NEO DUPLEX – Joint-friendly combination of ENERGYMAX 3.0 on top and Light Resilient EVA sole beneath by the special biomechanical layout of these cushioning layers.

EVA FEATHER RESILIENT – EVA Feather Resilient not only preserves excellent elasticity, but also improves the lightweightness by 20% compared to traditional midsole, helping relieve leg muscle strain and making swift movement easier and faster.

E-TPU – Made with polyurethane granular material, E-TPU has excellent resilience and deformation recovery ability once foam molded, making it not easy to deform for long time wearing. E-TPU provides a comfortable, shock-absorbing, and elastic wearing experience, which is significantly better than traditional EVA Material.

LS-S – The outside of the forefoot is designed using high-strength TPU. This significantly enhances the lateral stability during intense and rapid transfer of direction.

NON MARKING SOLE – All VICTOR shoes are equipped with a NON MARKING SOLE. So you can be sure not to leave any unsightly marks on the floors.



  • Colour                      Anthracite
  • Material                  Upper: V-Tough, JACQUARD EM, PU Leather

                                          Midsole: Feather Resilient EVA, E-TPU, Carbon Power, TPU, Solid EVA

                                      Outsole: VSR Rubber