Victor Auraspeed Light Fighter 80

Colour: Blue
Size: One Size
The Victor ARS Light Fighter 80 is the most balanced badminton racket of the new light fighters series released . The most important characteristics of this series are of course also the ultra light weight of the frame, making the racket super maneuverable and suitable for players with an injury sensitive arm. Because the racket is very agile in the rallies, it is ideal for defensive players who play fast on the net. In addition, the rigid frame helps for high accuracy when placing the shuttle.

What makes the ARS light fighter different from the other variants is the even more aerodynamic frame, so that you can move the racket even faster and hit the shuttle quicker.

The Victor ARS Light Fighter 80 is similar to the Light Fighter 7400, but gives much more control and feedback during hard blows. Moreover, smashes go harder and more accurately!

Material:High Modulus Graphite
Gripsize:G5 (8,2 cm circumference)
Flexibility:Stiff ????? Flexible
Balanspoint:Head heavy ????? Head light
Weight:ca. 74 gram / 6U
Length :67,3 cm