Victor A610IV B Mens


Just like its predecessor, this shoe is the perfect combination of stability and speed. It is made from very flexible material, to give your feet all the movement they need. The sole and the arch of the foot are made from much stiffer material, to give you extra stability. Of course, this shoe uses the "energymax 3.0" technique from Victor. The elastic part in the middel of the shoe improves damping and helps you get moving a bit faster during your match.

This third model in the a610 series has extra material around your inner toe. This ensures that the shoe does not break as quick as most shoes do. This shoe also has an improved outer sole. This new sole gives about 21% more grip on a sports floor.

  • The Victor A610 IV B Blue is a shoe made from Double Mesh, P.U. Leather with a VSR Rubber sole.
  • This shoe is perfect for those looking for a Lightweight, Supportive fit.
  • The midsole uses ENERGYMAX 3.0 technology.

Product Code 202305