Victor 201660 Thruster K 12 M UNSTRUNG

Colour: Navy
Size: One Size
Default3: 4U
Gentle Reminder: This racket comes unstrung, to add strings please ensure you select a string upgrade, unless a premium Yonex made in Japan racket which will always be strung free - even if you forget to choose!

The head heavy TK-12 is perfectly made for offensive games. The Power Box System reduces torsion, which creates powerful, more accurate offensive shots.


PowerBox technology increases the player's ability to hit with more power combined with the option to string at higher tensions as players progress in experience. Centred at the ‘T’ of the racket, the Box shaped frame increases racket stability by decreasing torsion (frame twisting), with this anti-torque design capable of withstanding higher string tensions.

Fibre Reinforced System (FRS)

The Fibre Reinforced System (FRS) gives players greater power generation for overhead shots while maintaining control and choice of higher string tensions. The fibre reinforced system is based on multi-layered carbon fibre within the racket shaft, increasing racket bend elasticity (repulsion power) within the controllability of high string tensions, leading to greater power from your hits.

Material Graphite + Resin
Headshape isometric
Weight abt. 84 g (4U)
String unstrung + Set VBS-68 white
Max String Tension abt. 14.5kg
Extra Power-Box, FRS