Victor 201659 Thruster FC UNSTRUNG

Colour: Black
Size: One Size

The latest, enhanced edition of the extremely popular Thruster F is an advanced level racket suited to hard hitting doubles players. This edition is a 4U weight and is used by 4 x World Champion doubles player Hendra Setiawan.

TK-F Enhanced Edition embodies the essence of the efforts made by the Victor R&D team for the past two years. Both of its balance point and swing weight are lighter than the first generation of TK-F, thus further delivering a more comfortable hitting experience. What’s more, the elastic racket frame and stronger shaft make the change of direction smoother, which helps achieve accurate and powerful smashes and incredible controllability. Fully upgraded inside and out, TK-F Enhanced Edition is going to help you make more aggressive attacks.

Victor has also introduced it's Free Core injection moulded handle for smoother swings, improved handling and greater feel.

The combination of integrated square-head frame and anti- torsion slim shaft provides a larger sweet spot. The smart weight distribution and resilient shaft make it easier to serve and control the shuttlecock, achieving more powerful and effective attacks.

Pyrofil Carbon Fibre aids playable time till fatigue, in addition to better control and racket durability for all styles of play. Originating from the car industry, the Japanese Pyrofil ultra-light carbon fibre material and its composites, enhances handling, control and shock absorption through high-intensity, ultra-light bonds. The additional benefit is a core strength, resulting in a reliable racket construction you can trust for years to come.

Allowing players to reach their maximal swing speeds and hit shots with greater power, the Tri formation system incorporates Sword, Aerodynamic and Power Box shapes in specific regions of the racket head. Hitting is optimised through the ‘Tri Formations’ integrated technology of reduced air resistance (Sword shape), efficient aerodynamics for acceleration to maximum swing speeds (Aerodynamic shape) and the ability to hit with more power as the racket is stabilised in an anti-toque design capable of withstanding higher string tensions (PowerBox shape).

Anti torsion system technologies enables players to hit at maximum muscle power, through reduced power loss as energy generated by you is efficiently passed to the shuttle. Acting through a small angle twist in the ferrel, the smaller angle of torsion (twisting) in the shaft material helps the handle not twist, providing optimal power transmission and anti torsion performance as power is not lost but efficiently passed on.

Hard Cored Technology provides players with optimal racket handling helping to increase your shot responsiveness. Inspired by helicopter rotor blade technology, a structure of multilayer carbon fibre and its composites, retains racket stiffness but minimises material size, reinforcing racket handling and performance.


SERIES Thruster K
MATERIAL High Modulus Graphite
BALANCE POINT Even balanced

Product Code 450001