Tretorn Micro X 3 Balls

Colour: Yellow
Size: One Size
Tretorn’s micro cell tennis ball, the Tretorn Micro X, is neither pressurized nor pressureless. By utilizing over 700 million balloon-like microcells that don’t lose pressure, the Micro X ball combines the best of both worlds, resulting in a tour performance ball that does not lose bounce or performance over time.

Because Tretorn Micro X balls do not rely on gas pressure to maintain their bounce, the aspect of the balls ‘going flat’ is completely removed. The patented leak-proof design means Tretorn Micro X tennis balls remain playable for extremely long periods of time.

Each cardboard sleeve contains three Tretorn Micro X balls. Tretorn does not provide air-tight packaging for these balls because they do not lose pressure!

We find that with the extra high bounce older players like them and also they perform well in wet conditions.

Style no. 474467