Tecnifibre TF-X1 285g

Suitable for ambitious players including beginners and intermediates, the TF-X1 is among the most powerful and comfortable options.

With a standard 100 sq inch headsize and a versatile 285g unstrung weight, the TF-X1 285 is a fantastic baseliners racket providing plenty of power and stability on both forehand and backhand shots.

The brand new TF-X1 series gives power a new feel! Designed to boost power while maintaining stability, playability and comfort, the TF-X1 series achieves this spectacularly to become a leading option in the power category. The new feel is delivered using 3 key technologies.


The head shape is redesigned to be rounder and with reinforced frame sections for enhanced power and stability.


With Isoflex, the shorter strings are made stiffer while the longer strings are softer allowing more flexibility on the stringbed. This results in greater ball speeds on off-centre shots.


The new dampening system built into the handle of the racket reduces vibrations by 36% for a comfortable feel and less fatigue.