Salming 1238097 Falco Kids

€45,00 €69,95
The Salming Falco has the lowest profile of all Salming indoor shoes. This low profile connects you, as it were, with the floor and gives you much more feel, speed and stability. The midsole of the Salming Falco is a lightweight EVA and in the heel cup the shoe has a C35 shock absorber that is specially designed to reduce shocks that occur when you take a step.

The Salming Falco is equipped with the latest technologies such as the Rollbar which ensures a better control and faster movement of the foot. This curvature on the inside of the outsole makes it easy to get to the ball more quickly because it helps you “roll” forward. The T.G.S. 62/75 system provides more flexibility to stimulate the natural movements of the foot.

The Salming Falco has a very comfortable fit, thanks to the ExoSkeleton technique that connects the inside of the shoe and the tongue to the lacing system. The LMS + system has been especially developed to prevent injuries.

In addition to the excellent fit, the Salming Falco also stands out with its beautiful design that combines perfectly with the Salming sportswear and accessories.