RS Tennis Pro Edition Case (24 x 3 Ball)

Colour: Yellow
Size: One Size

RS Tennis Pro Edition Case (24 x 3 Ball) - Yellow / One Size is in our warehouse, please allow an extra 2-3 days for shipping.

The RS Pro Edition, developed by Robin Soderling, is made for high performance tennis on all types of surfaces. The ball has a special extra duty felt that gives you maximum durability, yet the iconic RS premium feel.

The felt is an extra duty woven felt, and has been used in many Grand Slam tournaments over the years.

The ball is slightly harder than the RS Black Edition and RS Tour Edition as it was Robin’s goal to add an extra duty, durable alternative to the RS collection of premium tennis balls.

Exclusive felt and long durability
Great feel - Superior control
Designed and developed by Robin Söderling
CASE of 24 cans