Prince Beast 100 300g

€199,00 €249,00
Armed with TeXtreme X Twaron, the all new Beast Series is designed for attacking players who dominate from the back of the court with heavy groundstrokes

Power and control in one racket

The Prince Beast 100 300g is an excellent racket that suits tournament players and offers a maximum of power, which you can easily keep under control. Tame the beast and beat your opponent!

Powerful acceleration and excellent precision
with a weight of 300 grams, this racket is classed as neither heavy nor light. The racket is wonderfully manoeuvrable and unleashes plenty of power.

The innovative TeXtreme technology is a special feature of the Prince Beast 100 300g racket. This not only improves your strength but also your touch and spin are. The racket lies even more comfortably in your hand and power transmission is perfect.

The Prince Beast 100 300g - just the right weapon for tournament players!

A powerful tournament racket for young players and adults
300 grams heavy and 645 cm² racket head
High performance TeXtreme technology improves your playing characteristics
Suitable for all styles of play