Prince 7T53N091 Ripstick 100 (300g) Unstrung

The Prince Ripstick 300g tennis racquet will suit players looking for a powerful racquet to finish points quickly while maintaining a high level of comfort.
The 300g weight, combined with a 32cm handle balance, will provide the stability needed to control the ball and hit hard.
The 645cm² headsize will provide versatility while the 16x18 string pattern will boost your spin and power through string movement.
The profile will be split into two zones, one 22mm and one 27mm, which will increase the ideal sweetspot and develop more and more power.

On this model the O3 technology has been added to improve string movement to give you better spin and comfort.

Type of player :

Intermediate to advanced level players looking for a racquet that provides power, spin and comfort.

Technology :

- TeXtreme Twaron: Improved TeXtreme technology with the addition of aramid fibers to improve vibration absorption at ball impact while retaining the stability characteristics that provide power and control.
- O3: replaces the standard grommets with holes that optimise the hitting area and promote aerodynamics, resulting in increased spin and power due to an optimised trampoline effect.
- Anti Torque System: TeXtreme Twaron added to the frame at 2 and 10 o'clock to improve torsional stability and release more power.
- Power Rail: Rails in the core of the racquet to provide a larger sweet spot.