Prince 7T51L005 O3 Legacy 110

The new Legacy line brings a high quality performance and aesthetic to a consumer that expects the best. Packed with technology including TeXtreme X Twaron, and ATS, the O3 Legacy series have the largest sweetspot in the game for maximum power and comfort.

Like its predecessor, the Textreme Premier 110, this racquet's oversize head delivers a plush and powerful hitting experience. It also has an extended length, giving it extra momentum on groundies and serves. In addition to being suitable for beginners, The O3 Legacy 110 should also work well for the doubles specialist who wants a powerful serving racquet with big put-away power at net. For this update, Prince adds an AntiTorque System (for more stability) along with its time-tested O3 Technology which is a grommetless construction that virtually eliminates harsh vibrations. From the baseline, the O3 Legacy 110 delivers a very comfortable feel with big power available on full swings. Thanks to an open 16x19 string pattern, this stick has enough spin-potential for bringing the ball down hard. At net, the O3 Legacy 110 feels stable and forgiving, and it packs enough pop to end points with a bang. The extended length comes in handy on serve where this stick delivers truly impressive power.

Ultimately, the O3 Legacy 110 is ideal for any player looking to supercharge their singles or doubles game. The ultra arm-friendly feel is a very nice bonus.