NOX PALA Nerbo WPT Luxury Series

€249,00 €360,00
Colour: Black
Size: One Size
It is made of carbon on the frame for a long life and a strong deformation capacity of the frame that will accelerate the ball.
This diamond-shaped model will give you plenty of power on your shots, while its advanced balance and high weight (about 367g) will give you plenty of stability on impact.
The Multilayered Black EVA core adds to the power of this version with a higher ball speed on both slow and fast shots.

The rough frame structure will allow you to put maximum spin on all your shots.

This racquet will definitely delight players looking for stability and power.

10/10 Power
9/10 Control

Technologies :

- Carbon Frame: 100% carbon frame
- Rough Surface : Rough surface on the head to maximize your spin
- Carbon Alum 18K : 18K carbon fiber with aluminum finish for more strength and power
- Multilayered Black EVA: Multi-layered Black EVA core for increased power on slow and fast shots
- Dynamic Composit Structure: Technology that combines flexibility and stiffness in the same racquet for comfort and head impact resistance
- Oversize Grip: Longer handle for a better grip
- AVS: Optimal vibration absorption on off-center hits
- Smartstrap: A system that allows you to change the strap to customize the racquet or improve hygiene without manipulating the tip.

Racquet tested and approved by Testea Padel, a company that tests the quality of the racquet for durability and resistance to frame cracks.