Head Gravity Junior 25 (2021)

Colour: Yellow
Size: 25
A model made for young, demanding and promising players who want the same benefits as with the adult version.

Player benefits :

This Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Junior 25 racquet will be perfect to accompany young tennis players in their progression. It is very light with its 230g, and therefore easy to maoeuver. Its 645cm² headsize will bring power and tolerance, to achieve magnificent winning shots! Its 31.5cm balance and its relatively open 16x19 string pattern will allow easy access to spin and give a lot of speed to the ball, thanks to a good movement of the racquet head when hitting.

Type of player :

This racquet will suit all young champions playing competitive tennis who are looking for a versatile racquet to be comfortable in all areas of the game. It will accompany them into adulthood while corresponding to the model of their favorite player: Alexander Zverev.

Technologies :

- Graphene 360+: The Graphene 360+ is the improvement of the Graphene 360. The Graphene 360 is located at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock to provide greater stability and better energy transfer. On the 360+ version, you will find Spiralfibers at the bottom of the frame that will stretch on contact with the ball to give you more feel when hitting.