Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro - 310g


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Player benefits : Control – Stability – Speed

The 645cm² racket head along with the 18×20 string pattern allows this model to offer more power and control so you can adapt to the situation and your opponent.

Weighing 310 grams and balanced at 31.5 cm, this model is very stable, especially from the back of the court. You will enjoy longer rallies and you will be able to easily counter-attack.

– Graphene 360+ is a further improvement of the proprietary graphene technology pioneered by Head:

As in the previous ‘360’ versions, the Graphene is placed at the 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions to improve stability and provide a better transfer of energy over a standard graphite frame

In the latest ‘+’ ranges, the addition of innovative Spiralfibers on the bottom of the frame improves the flex characteristics to ensure better feel at the moment of impact – without compromising on power or control.

Type of Player:
Players who possess natural power and are physically strong – ideal for those who are in search of control and racket head speed.