Head Graphene 360+ Radical Lite - 260g

€169,00 €219,00
All HEAD Tennis Rackets can be re-sized to any grip size.
If stock is unavailble for the size you require - contact the store to request the size you would like.

Benefits for the player: Power – Tolerance – Manoeuvrability

The size of the head (660 cm²) will give you a big sweetspot and will give you more power than you would expect from such a lightweight frame
The 260g weight and 34cm balance will give this racket real manoeuvrability to increase racket head speed for better spin and responsiveness.
Its thick profile (22/25/23mm) will allow you to easily gain power
The open string pattern (16×19) will provide you with nice spin on the ball and will bring the necessary punch to nail your opponents into the back of the couurt

Type of players :

– Beginner level players looking for a manoeuvrable racket with a forgiving and easy-to-play headsize.
– Young players starting on a first adult racket

Technology :

– Graphene 360+ : Graphene 360+ is the improvement of Graphene 360. Graphene 360 is located at 3h, 9h and 12h to provide greater stability and better energy transfer. On the 360+ version, you will find Spiralfibers at the bottom of the frame that will stretch on contact with the ball to give you more feel when hitting.
– Variable Beam profile that will provide the perfect balance of power, control and spin from the racquet.
– Sound Grommets: Resistant eyelets that guarantee better string movement while optimizing vibration on striking to provide more power.
– Control Pattern: Denser 16×19 string pattern for a perfect balance between power and control.