Head 235360 Graphene 360+ Extreme PWR - 245g

€150,00 €189,00
All HEAD Tennis Rackets can be re-sized to any grip size.
If stock is unavailble for the size you require - contact the store to request the size you would like.

Lightest weight at 230g and the largest headsize at 115 make this the perfect choice for those looking for extra power and forgiveness with a massive sweetspot. The softer feel of the racket makes it really arm friendly as well. The Extreme range now comes not only with Graphene 360+ technology, but with a stunning new look, while maintaining the heritage with the yellow trim and the slightly softer, more flexible feel, which many players prefer.

The EXTREME PWR is the perfect lightweight racket for club players who are looking for comfort, vibration dampening and manoeuvrability, as well as extreme spin and power. Now refreshed with a new design, the racket has also been upgraded with the innovative Graphene 360+ technology for enhanced flex and clean impact feel.