Head 228280 Evo Delta with CB

Colour: Red
Size: One Size

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This racket is ideal for players who are still discovering the sport and who like to master the basic techniques and skills in a pleasant way.
This racket is very forgiving when you don't hit the ball perfectly. In addition, it is a softer racket so that you experience a lot of comfort. Yet you can give a lot of power with this, making this racket ideally suited for powerful players.
The rackets in the Delta line have a new design, new material and new technologies. The most impactful of these is the Graphene 360+ technology. This means that Graphene 360, the evolutionary composition of graphene by HEAD, is woven into spirals. These spirals stretch when the racket comes into contact with the ball. As a result, more energy is transferred so that you can give more power and enjoy optimal ball feeling.

Features and benefits
- 365 grams
- Drop-shaped

Color: Gray / Red
SKU: 228280