Head 236131 Prestige MP L 2021

The special set-up and low weight of the new Head Prestige MP L allow a greater number of players to experience the unique playing characteristics of the new Prestige range!

The new design is inspired by the frames of the 1980s line and has a glossy burgundy color that enhances its aesthetics.
Even the lightest racket in the Prestige series has been updated with the new Auxetic construction for exceptional feel and greater stability.

The Prestige MP L is the new version of the 'old' Prestige S, but it puts on weight, reaching 300 grams, to be usable by a much wider audience looking for a frame capable of even greater power. However, the balance changes, it moves back to 315 mm, which suggests a greater need for technique than the previous Prestige S.

Ambitious players looking for a lighter frame and a mix of precision and power will appreciate the new Prestige MP L.