Head 235340 Graphene 360+ Extreme S - 275g

€169,00 €189,00
Player benefits : Power – Spin – Manoeuvrability

The Head Graphene 360+ Extreme S racket is the intermediate model for players looking for more tolerance and power.
With its 275g and 34cm balance, it provides great manoeuvrability and you will be able to quickly raise the racquet head to apply spin and speed.

The 680cm² is larger and will offer more tolerance, and allow you to generate more power with less effort. The thicker frame of the Extreme range increases tolerance and offers better return of energy to gain in power without risking of hurting your arm.

The 16×19 stringing plan has been modified for more density in the center and increased control. It allows the strings to move faster for better spin and power.

Technologies :

– Graphene 360+ is an improvement on the previous Graphene 360. On the 360+ version there are innovative spiralfibers on the bottom part of the frame which enhance the flex and provide cleaner impact feel.
– Funnel grommets on central mains to improve string movement and spin.
– Reworked grommets on crosses to improve the trampoline effect.