Head 200024 Radical Pro 2024

Color: Black
Size: One Size

The Radical Pro elevates your versatile pickleball game. Its dynamic power shape coupled with a control oriented 15 mm core offers the perfect blend of power and control.

Elevate your pickleball game with Radical Pro, crafted for the versatile player. The SpinOn technology enhances the spin potential while the fiberglass hitting surface together with the dynamic power shape ensure outstanding power. The 15mm thick core strikes a perfect balance between power and precision. Whether you're smashing winners or placing finesse shots, the Radical Pro caters to your dynamic playing style, making it the ultimate choice for the modern pickleball enthusiast.


Composite Hitting Surface
COMPOSITE HITTING SURFACEHEAD’s Composite Hitting Surface (CHS) offers maximized power with a softer feel and more power for all levels of play. The engineered surface also creates increased comfort on impact for great playability.
SPINONA specially develop lacquer that is applied to the paddle face creating a higher point of friction resulting in massive spin potential.
COMFORT GRIP SYSTEMSpecially formulated PU material has been inlaid into the new Ergo Grip creating a softer feel that dampens vibration for ultimate comfort and playability.