FZ Forza 483113 Cornwall SS Tee Men

Cornwall Short-Sleeve Sports T-shirt in Black

—- FZ FORZA Technology —-

Normal body movement in the racetrack. Our touching skin will generate static electricity on the shirt. But Forza's fabric prevents clothing from sticking to your body. To avoid static electricity on your clothes

Most fabrics can be stretched by knitting or reinforced with elastane. Forza ensure their suits have the right amount of stretch. And it fits the body and is comfortable.

Forza clothing is made from fabric that is created to avoid pilling. Through protective coating Even after washing it many times, the fabric is still in good condition.

keeps you comfortable during the game! With unique DryForze technology, therefore ensures maximum comfort. DryForze is a substance that coats the fabric. Made to help the fabric breathe well, dry quickly, making you feel comfortable when wearing it.