Dunlop Srixon CX 400 - 285g

User benefits: Versatility - Power - Spin

The Dunlop CX 400 Tour tennis racquet is the only racquet in the range with a 645cm² headsize, which is more versatile than the other models. Its weight of 300g, combined with a 32cm shaft balance, will provide great stability for effective countering while still being able to hit full power shots.
The 16x19 string pattern will bring you power but will also allow you to gain more spin. The semi-thick profile (23mm) will limit twisting and give you extra power.
Finally, the semi-rigidity of this CX 400 Tour (67 Ra) will give you more versatility.

Technologies :

- Sonic Core Infinergy: TPU foam developed by BASF that will reduce vibration and increase energy return from the ball.
- PowerGrid StringTech: Allows for an ideal striking area 30% larger to limit off-center and gain control.
- Flex Booster: High elasticity material in the heart of the racquet that absorbs vibrations giving players a less rigid and more flexible feel when playing.