Dunlop 10302630 Soniccore Pro 130

Colour: Orange
Size: One Size
The Dunlop Sonic Core racket range has been developed with Srixon to offer excellent stability on the head of the racquet and increased comfort, allowing players to dictate each point with precision and regularity.

The new Sonic Core series made with Infinergy®, of BASF – an extremely elastic material, very light and perfectly answering the demands of the modern day player. Situated in the 2 and 10 o’clock zones of the racket frame, this foam cushions shocks and reduces vibrations up to 37%. The strike is more comfortable and risk of injury is reduced.The Infinergy® foam is combined with the Sonic Core frame, resulting in a faster ball and more aggressive strikes.

Light with a shaft balance, the Sonic Core Pro 130 is extremely maneuverable and stable to allow easy control of the ball. The small 470cm² head increases precision.

Power : 6/10
Control : 10/10

Technologies :

Sonic Core with Infinergy (made by BASF) : Increases cushioning and vibration absorption while increasing bouce.
Hybrid Cross Section : Increase power without losing control.
CX Grommets : Never let the ball fly past. The dented grommets and a more aerodynamic profile.
Glide Polymer : Polymer micro beads to reduce friction and increase string movement for better power. Glidepolymer increases the grommets’ lifespan.
AeroProfile : increase strike strength. The profile of the frame is 9% smaller for your advantage.