Dunlop 623860 Omega Tour NH

Colour: Pink
Size: One Size
The round shape means that the racket has a large sweetspot so that even hitting a little further out towards the frame delivers good speed and feeling in the battle.

The relatively low weight (350-370g), makes this paddle racket easy to maneuver, which is suitable for you who are a beginner or who just enjoy a slightly lighter racket.

The surface of the racket consists of fiberglass, which gives a soft and comfortable feeling and helps the player with speed in the strokes in pressed positions.

The core consists of Super Soft Eva, which also makes the racket forgiving and contributes to a wonderful hit.

Like all Dunlop models, the handle has a wrist strap that ensures a secure grip when playing.

- Round shape
- Easy to play
- Extra large sweetspot

Hitting surface: Fiberglass
Frame: Fiberglass
Core: Super Soft Eva