Dunlop FX500 - 300g Unstrung

Benefits to the player: Power – Spin

The Dunlop Fx 500 racquet is perfect for players looking for a racket that offers power and spin while providing maximum comfort in play.
Weighing in at just 300 grams with a 32 cm balance, this racket offers an excellent power to control ratio that will allow you to throw controlled hits.
The 645cm² headsize makes it relatively easy to play for intermediate to advanced level players.
The 16×19 string pattern optimizes string movement and increases hitting power.
The stiffness of this racquet is 71Ra, allowing very little distortion at impact and plenty of power to be released.

Player Type :

– Intermediate to advanced level players looking for power and spin.

Technologies :

– PowerGrid StringTech: Allows for an ideal striking area 30% larger to limit off-centering and gain control.
– Sonic Core Infinergy: TPU foam developed by BASF that will reduce the vibrations felt and increase the energy return of the ball.
– Power Boost Groove: Precision groove designed into the frame of the racquet that creates greater eyelet deformation and lengthens string movement for increased power and comfort.
– Power Boost Frame Geometry: Aerodynamic and powerful racquet head and a sharp, modern racket core that will give you more power and stability.
– Flex Touch Resin: High performance, high elasticity thermoplastic elastomer compound developed by KURARAYPLASTICS CO, LTD to reduce vibration on hit for improved feel and touch.