Dunlop 773340 Aerogel 4D Max HL

Colour: Black
Size: One Size
The racket of choice for any intermediate / advanced player looking for pure power delivered through a tear drop head shape and long main strings. 4D Braiding ensures control and stability of racket power delivery.

4D stands for 4 directional braiding and is constructed using four braided fibres of superlight S-glass fibre wrapped in an aluminium alloy sheath. The fibres are aligned at 0, 90, 22 and -22º orientations which enables stresses to be supported in multi directions whereas standard carbon sheets are only orientated in one direction. This means that one layer of 4D material has the equivalent properties to four layers of standard carbon. Consequently 4D material is four times more effective than standard carbon. Furthermore, by using one layer only, 4D is also softer and less stiff than 4 layers of carbon. At 5 and 7 o’clock the multi-directional properties of the 4D braided cloth help stabilise the torsional twist at key points of the racket. At 3 and 9 o’clock one layer of 4D braided cloth provides the torsional stability previously only achievable with several layers of carbon fibre. As a result of only one layer being used instead of several this softer material also provides superb touch and feel at ball contact. Dunlop’s Aerogel 4D rackets perform four times better than standard carbon rackets