Dunlop 13003773 Graviton XF 88 Max

Colour: Blue
Size: One Size
Default3: 3U
The Dunlop Graviton XF 88 Max badminton racquet features the X-Beam, an aerodynamic frame and a dynamic tapered shaft (DTS), combined with a maximum string tension of 32 lbs. Get ready to unlock a newnspeed of your shots. A fast racquet designed for an offensive game-style!

A nanocell material is integrated into the structure of the racquet. A unique resin system increases the overall stiffness for improved shot accuracy.

Put more speed and power into every motion! Thanks to a unique aerodynamic frame design with a Cross Hoop Twist at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. The Power Grommets, also positioned at 3 and 9 o'clock, are made of a soft polymer to provide increased cross-sectional movement to help you generate more power.

The shaft is tapered (7.0mm - 6.5mm) to allow for a faster return time. This makes your shots even more powerful.

Concave channels on the cap increase shaft stability and flexible response, while an enlarged grip area improves comfort, dexterity and maneuverability.
Play beyond your opponents' reach with this new Graviton!