Dunlop 10343039 Blackstorm Ti

Colour: Black
Size: One Size
With the Dunlop Blackstorm Ti (the successor to the Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium) you have unparalleled power at your disposal. This model from Dunlop's very popular Blackstorm series has a large, teardrop-shaped club face measuring no less than 500 cm 2 . There is no bridge in the frame and the strings run all the way to the shaft of the Dunlop Blackstorm Ti. This gives the string more freedom of movement and gives the ball additional acceleration when it comes into contact with the strings. Therefore, with the Dunlop Blackstorm Ti you can hit hard and defeat your opponent with explosive play.

The Dunlop Blackstorm Ti feels very light and is extremely maneuverable. The racket weighs only 125 grams and most of the weight is at the bottom of the frame, making the Dunlop Blackstorm Ti extremely maneuverable. With this racket you can hit the ball earlier and also hit volleys easily. The Dunlop Blackstorm Ti also has a particularly large sweet spot (= the ideal place to hit the ball) and is therefore very forgiving. Even balls that you hit close to the frame can still be easily controlled. The relatively small distances between the strings also provide additional ball control.

Frame weight125g
material'high modulus' graphite / 4D braided
technologyPower max
balancevery grip-heavy
Head size500cm2
Stringing picture14x18
Racket coverno
successor ofDunlop Blackstorm Titanium
target groupRecreational player