Dunlop 1027937 SRX CX 200

The Dunlop CX 200 is a model that renews the previous generation, offering you better sensations, exceptional power and stability, thanks to the implementation of Dunlop's innovative technologies, taking the performance of this model to a new level.

Features of the CX 200 racket
FLEXBOOSTER: Thanks to the FlexBooster technology implemented through a high elasticity layer in the racket's neck, you will appreciate a more flexible and softer feel of the racket by dampening vibrations originated by impacts.

SONIC CORE with INFINERGY: Experience clean, powerful shots thanks to the integration of a new super-elastic material on the top of the head, designed to reduce impact vibrations by up to 37%.

POWER GRID TECH: Access a new level of control, power and spin provided thanks to a redistribution of the stringbed, combining a central zone with a dense string pattern, while at the top the string is wider to ensure better transmission of power to the ball.