Carlton 13014914 Vapour Trail 90S

Colour: Black
Size: G5
The Carlton Vapour Trail 90 badminton racket is a pro player’s choice that delivers a stunning control over strokes, as well as a nice synergy of power and speed for an all-around balanced performance. The racket makes a phenomenal choice for heavy-hitting control players, and it is designed for maximum responsiveness, greater strength and optimal consistency across the board thanks to the Japanese hot melt graphite frame. Additionally, the racket takes advantage of the Torsional Control System which affects the stability and reduces frame twisting to absolute minimum to improve precision. Furthermore, there’s the Bi-axial Dynamics technology which adds a more aerodynamic feel and increases frame speed to a whole new level. The optimetric head boasts a more efficient sweet spot, whereas the Pro V12 grommets enhance the string movement to generate more power easily. The Vapour Trail 90 arrives pre-strung with Carlton multifilament string, as well as with a full-length cover offering optimal protection between games.