Babolat 757018 Kids Backpack

Colour: 209 Blue Red
Size: One Size
A bag made for your kids, whether at school, in class or, above all, on the pitch. The new backpack is easy to use and smart.

The backpack is accessed through a large opening at the top, secured with 2 straps and a drawstring. An accessory pocket located at the top of the bag allows you to pack snacks, sunscreen or sunglasses. Hold your racket in the front racket holder secured with 2 straps and an elastic cord. Equipped with a side pocket for a water bottle.

This bag is made for future champions. And because we wanted to make everything even better, we only used a new eco-friendly lining in this bag.

Very light badminton backpack for kids.
Up to two rackets can be attached to it.
The capacious middle compartment will allow you to take your clothes, water bottle, darts and accessories with you.
Capacity: 16 l, dimensions: 26 x 41 x 5 cm