Babolat 6MS24011 Crew Neck Tee Lebron

The Juan Lebrón Crew-Neck T-Shirt was designed in close partnership with the player.
This T-shirt was designed and manufactured with special care from recycled polyester, to accompany Juan Lebrón on his many tournaments around the world.

The Juan Lebrón Crew-Neck T-Shirt will also accompany you on every court.

Comfort, suppleness and lightness work together for your well-being.
The discreet El Lobo signature mirrors the Babolat signature.
Meticulous details work together to create a stylish look.

The Babolat-Juan Lebrón collection has been developed with comfort in mind at all times.
As with the player, the pieces have been designed to accompany you throughout the day.
From training to your toughest matches.
The materials, colours and shapes have been carefully selected.

An intelligent fabric desgined to optimize THE COMPLEX MOVEMENTS in racket sports: no seams under the arms or in between the legs, A "BIO-TECHNICAL" CUT that moves with the player.

The technical fabric with "Fiber Dry-polyester" chosen for the Babolat collection is LIGHT and SOFT to the touch. Easy to care for, it allows for the most intense wear and tear from practice to competition.

100% recycled polyester