Babolat 601369 X-Feel Essential

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Colour: Blue
Size: One Size

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The Babolat X-Feel Essential badminton racquet is the stiff and versatile model of the range (semi-stiff). Power, accuracy and liveliness are the key words to describe this racquet.

The XFeel range is composed of highly technical racquets made of competitive players. This racquet frame is made of High Modular Graphite.

Babolat has added numerous aspects to this racquet. The grommets are directly integrated into the frame (Aero+ system) to offer more aerodynamism. There are no grooves. The surface is fully smoothened.

The head of the racquet uses the XP Aero Tubing technology to create an oval tube shape and ultimately allow you to gain speed (enhanced aerodynamism), break less (15% superior resistance) and provide better accuracy thanks to the increased stiffness. The frame durability is enhanced as the materials have changed. Made in Pebax, this material offfers fatigue resistance and superior elastic power.

More layers of carbon are on the shaft (carbonSlimplies) to develop an identical weight, a dynamic response and even more fatigue resistance.

The Metric Flex technology is still in the shaft : a revolutionary shaft provides different flexibility based on the axis in order to optimise power and maintain accuracy. The thinner and extremely aerodynamic shaft will allow your movement to feel easier. You will be able to generate speed when initiating your swing and it will be liberated when striking.

With an 84g weight, a neutral balance (290mm) and a semi-stiff shaft, this X-Feel Essential badminton racquet corresponds to versatile players who play both singles and doubles. The characteristics and the technologies create a manoeuvrable and powerful racquet that can also provide a great deal of control. This is why players who like to vary their shots will enjoy this model.