Babolat 3GTE081 Play Skirt Girls


Babolat 3GTE081 Play Skirt Girls - 4096 Angel Blue / Age 8-10 is in our warehouse, please allow an extra 2-3 days for shipping.

Made from soft, lightweight fabric, this girls' skirt paired with a shorty is perfect for the tennis court. The vibrant color combined with a navy blue shorty makes this skirt timeless.

The Play collection is designed to allow you to mix and match different models all year round.

The classic shapes and colors allow a multitude of combinations suitable for men, women and children, coordinated with our textile accessories.

The carefully selected materials combine comfort and natural elasticity to offer you maximum freedom of movement during sports.

The perfect equipment for club teams and individual players.

An intelligent fabric designed to optimize THE COMPLEX MOVEMENT SEQUENCES in racquet sports: No seams under the arms or between the legs. "BIO-TECHNICAL" CUTTING PATTERNS that move with the player.

The technical fabric with "Fibre Dry Polyester" chosen for the Babolat collection is light and soft to the touch. It is easy to care for and allows intensive, wear-free use from training to tournaments.