Babolat 33S1577 Propulse BPM AC Wimbledon Junior


Wimbledon edition of Babolat's flagship tennis shoes with all-court outsole.

BPM System
Starting, stopping, jumping, landing... shifting directions, sideways, forwards, backwards, it's all about rhythm. Aggressive, feather-light, close to the ground, up in the air, explosive... Every player has a different rhythm, it's their own 'beat', with different needs in terms of shoes. Thanks to careful, ongoing observations of tennis players, their game, their rhythm, Babolat have developed a unique concept: the BPM (Beats Per Minute) system. A genuine construction platform, the BPM system enables players to boost their footwork to give their game a fresh new rhythm. To incorporate the most appropriate technologies into each model, this system focuses on three key aspects of the shoe's construction: the make-up of the forefoot section, the lateral support system and the exclusive Michelin sole.

Michelin Performance
Developed in collaboration with Michelin researchers and directly inspired by road rally tires, Babolat outsoles are designed to give players longer lasting exception performance. The outsole's shape and thickness, specific sculptures and rubber make-up are all important variables that make the outsoles of Babolat tennis shoes outstanding.

Fasten your foot belt
Footbelt technology provides extra support around the instep to precisely meet players' need for extra secure hold and guarantee a truly custom fit.

Kompressor System
High performance shock absorption thanks to the Thermo Plastic Rubber tube compressing system.

Cell Shield
High performance material that combines smaller, more densely concentrated cells on the inner part of the foot and larger, more spread out cells on the upper part to give players greater durability and comfort.