Babolat 170420 Wimbledon 27 SMU

The Babolat Wimbledon 27 tennis racket is recommended for beginners to allow you to start friendly games on the court. The graphic design combining purple, white and gray is inspired by the oldest Grand Slam tournament - London's Wimbledon. The optimal size of the head of the racket allows you to get a larger bounce area while maintaining the appropriate level of control, which is especially important when serving. The construction made of aluminum is extremely durable and lightweight, so it will serve for several seasons. The handle with the factory wrap fits securely in the hand, so you can fully focus on the opponent's moves.

Technical data:

Model; 170240 - 167 white/purple

Construction: aluminum

Weight (without tension): 280 g

Racket length: 68.5 cm

String arrangement: 16x20 in

Balance: 33.0 cm

Head area: 680 cm²