Babolat 121203 Evoke 102 270g

Colour: Black
Size: G0

Babolat 121203 Evoke 102 270g - Black / G0 is in our warehouse, please allow an extra 2-3 days for shipping.

Benefits for the player: Playability – Comfort – Durability

This black, yellow and white racquet is made of composite graphite. This allows it to be very light, but also very durable thanks to the presence of aluminum. This is a perfect racket for a young adult getting into tennis
The 660cm² headsize increases the trampoline effect when hitting for a tenfold increase in power, but it also makes the game easier since it will tolerate small centering and placement errors.
The light weight (270g) of this Babolat Evoke 102 racket combined with a 33cm head light balance will allow the player to combine manoeuvrability, comfort of play and power in all phases of the game.
The relatively open 16×19 string pattern allows for easy access to spin and good ball length without putting too much strain on the arm.
The relatively thin 22-22-25mm profile and stability will provide the control this racket needs to help you progress and get to the next level quickly.

Player type:

– Beginner level players
– Adults and young adults who play tennis casually.

This racket is sold strung.